filter configuration through xml file

Hi ,
i want to configure filters through xml , instead of mygrid.attachHeader(#numeric_filter,);
any idea.??
and i am trying for work around like
function loadAndAttachFilter(){
for(var i =0; i<mygrid.getColumnsNum();i++)
if(mygrid.getColLabel(i)==“LEAVE OF ABSENCE”){
mygrid.makeFilter("#text_filter",i);//not working


this also not working any ideas???

You can call any internal method of dhtmlxGrid easely by “call” tags right in your XML-file.
For example:

<rows> <head> <beforeInit> <call command="attachHeader"><param>#numeric_filter</param></call> </beforeInit> <afterInit> <call command="setColumnHidden"><param>1</param><param>false</param></call> </afterInit> ... </head>

Also you can read this tutorial to learn more about the configuration of a grid from XML: … n_from_xml

sorry, it wont be useful , i need to do in this way
not through the functions , while creating column it self i want to define the filter also.

By default behavior in the header’s cell can be only filter or label. If you want to show in the header’s cell filter and label you may create a custom filter: … s_creation