filter data ,some row show white

At frist,thankyou ,filter data is strongly when i make enableSmartRendering tured on …

and som rows show white when i maked enableSmartRendering tured on and scrolled the window…

thanks again

Are you using custom skin or some custom one? In srnd mode correct grid calculation is based on the height of rows, which is known for all common skins, but in case of custom skin you need to use
grid.setAwaitedRowHeight(NN); // where NN - integer, height of row in the grid

Alternatively you can enable multi-line mode in grid, which must resolve issues related to non-common height of rows as well

filter data ,some rows dont show when i was scrolling the window,i 'm sure i hadn’t used custom skin.
maybe because i did filer after i remove some rows to anther grid,but always sometimes some rows dont show…
maybe i wanna to know why.


If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.
( you can send such info directly to )

The most common reason of similar problem
a) custom skin of css or conflict between grid’s css and custom styles
b) non unique row’s IDs in the grid.

Thank strongly it is …thank you.  i added  "grid.setAwaitedRowHeight(NN) " to the pro …and set the parameter 's value 20… the no showRows is show now…