Filter in combobox


Is it possible for DHTMLX to have a filter based on a substring? Let’s say in my combobox I have 3 values. “Headphones”, “Horn”, “Neverland”. When I type “Ne”, I want to get the results “Headphones” and “Neverland”.

Next bit of code works, but I have to unfocus the combobox and focus on it again to see the results…

var myValues = [ "Headphones", "Horn", "Neverland"];

var myCombobox = new dhx.Combobox("myDropdown", { placeholder: "select a value"};;'Input', function(val) {
var filteredVals = myValues.filter((str) => {
return str.value.toLowerCase().indexOf(val.toLowerCase()) >= 0

So what I would like is when I type “Ne” the values in the combobox change to “Headphones” and “Neverland”.

Thanks in advance!



You are able to use your own custom filtering function for your combo.
Here you can find a tutorial:
and a working example of your required behavior:


Can’t believe I missed that! Thanks