Filter on multiple columns

I applied text filters on two columns, these work well separately. But when I try to combine the filter, it does not give expected result.

Refer below screenshots for explanation:

  1. Tree grid is loaded.
  2. I filter on 3rd column, it gives the expected result.
  3. I expand one of the rows. Works fine.
  4. Now, when I try to apply the filter on 1st column, it does not show anything. I tried to debug this and found that while filtering on column 1, it does not take into consideration the rows that got loaded on expanding the parent row after filtering.

Please help in this respect. Thanks.

Attached screen 4

All header-filters has OR logic of filtration.
There is no way to use several filters with OR logic between them.

You will have to create your own custom filter.
Here is the tutorial: … any_values

I am good even if it does not combine the two filters.
The problem here is, filter on column 1 does not identify the rows which were loaded after filtering column 3.

When i type a value in filter 1 (filter on column 1), it compares it only with the rows in green, and not with those in red. :cry:

Just help me find a way where the filter recognizes the rows in red.

Please, try to use the setFiltrationLevel() method: … ationlevel