filter over all columns ?


How can I make a filter over all columns that I have in my grid ?

thanks in advance

Unfortunately filterBy can be used only against single column.
You can iterate through grid manually, comparing each cell with mask in question, but it will be a lot slower.

thanks for the idea, but do you have a sample code ?

ok now I have the variable deleteRow for a row which schould be filtered, but how can I filter now the row? and how can I reset the filter (for the next filtering action)?

	if (grid != null) {
		var deleteRow;
		grid.forEachRow(function (rid) {
			deleteRow = true;

			grid.forEachCell(rid, function (cellObj) {
				if (cellObj.getValue().indexOf(toolbar.getValue("mnFilter")) != -1) {
					deleteRow = false;
			if (deleteRow == true) {
				//  FILTER ROW

thanks in advance

You can use

if (deleteRow == true) { grid.setRowHidden(id, true); } else grid.setRowHidden(id, false);

( you can consider usage of startFastOperations and stopFastOperations methods, because filtering by above methods will be pretty slow for big datasets )

thanks it’s working !