filter schedular's events from outside schedular

hi stanislav,

first of all thanx for making this amazing schedular…

i am making a schedular for my team using dhtmlxschedular. But there is a littkle bit problem.I need a functionality to filter schedular events from outsite schedular by clicking on multiple checkboxes like
Filter by:-

  1. user1
  2. user2
  3. user3
    and so on…
  4. Low
  5. Medium
  6. High

if i click on the checkboxes against user1,user2 and High .Then only those events will be displayed in schedular. Can you guys plz suggest me how can i implement this kind of functionality…


Those checkboxes should set up some flags which then should be used in filter method.

For example you select - display events from user1
And in the filter method you would check user_id against list of allowed users (in this case it would be user1 only).

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hi ilya,
thanx for your quick response…

sorry i coundn’t understand full meaning…every checkbox have the value if i want to diaplay those events which belongs to user1 and have ‘high’ priority then i have to pass the value oncheck events but i coudn’t understand how to user that value of checkbox in schedular to filter events according to that

if you u please give an example i m very thankfull to you…

You can define filter method … filtration

In you case you can get state of checkboxes and based on them return true or false for different events. ( each time when checkboxes state changed you will need to call scheduler.setCurrentView to force repainting )