filter using dhtmlXGridFromTable

Hi I am using filter as separate textbox with the button click to filter the data entered by the user and I load my data in table from database using dhtmlXGridFromTable, but I am gettin the error in the Fireofox ‘this.dma is not a function’.

Here is the way I am trying to implement the filter function,

then I use the following script to filter the table;

myGrid= new dhtmlXGridFromTable(‘tblToGrid’);







function filter()




Now when I enter any value in the text field, i get the error in the firefox “this.dma is not a function’”.

Is there any clear answer to that. would really appreciare.


will not have any effect, column types need to be defined through type attributes of first row in the source table.

>>Is there any clear answer to that.
Be sure that you are using dhtmlxgrid.js and dhtmlxgrid_filter.js from the same version of the grid. The similar error may occur if you are using latest version of dhtmlxgrid_filter.js with older version of dhtmlxgrid.

Please check attached sample. (53.7 KB)