Filtering after moving column

Close to the following bug:

After moving columns, the filters are performing the filters for original positions.

I played around with underlying column state, but it has no effect on it.

dhtmlxSuite 2011 Rel.1 (DHTMLX 3.0) Professional edition build 110713


I am having the same Issue. I would appreciate any sort of update if you manage to fix it, and I’ll do the same.

That issue was already fixed.
Please, try to update the version of your dhtmlxGrid.

Well, it is a bit hard to upgrade.
So I am solving it myself. Almost done, so for whomever runs into that problem:

  1. Save the new order of columns
  2. Override onCollectValues event, and fill in the drop-down filter based on the new column ordering
  3. Override onFilterStart event, and filter using new column orders

I’m going to have to try and fix myself as well. More detail of how you fixed it/sample code would be much appreciated