Filtering by especific value

Hi, I need filtrer two grids using one column, i’m using grid.filterBy(id,“value”), but i need the filter by exactly value, for example:

gridDetalle.filterBy(id, gridPrincipal.cells(id,0).getValue());

the gridPrincipal.cells(id,0).getValue()) values is 2 for example, and the result is:

gridPrincipal = 3

gridDetalle = 3,13,23,33,313… etc

but i need:

gridDetalle = 3

see the pic and you see my problem, thanks…
PD… I do not want to use subgrid

please help me, thanks

You can use 2nd parameter of filterBy() method to create custom filter which will filter by exactly value. Please find tutorial here … tering_api

Thanks Olga, I solved the problem using (“value”), and filter by value exacting.

Best Regards,