filtering data in a grid displays rows that have been remove

I have a UI with two side by side grids that display a grid of roles a user is assigned (in-use-roles) and a grid of all the roles available to a user (available-roles).

When a user picks a role from the available-roles grid, in javascript I remove that row from the available-roles grid and move it to the in-use-roles grid (all client-side - no database call).

If I filter on the available-roles grid, the removed row reappears.

For example, select ADMIN in the available-roles grid, move it to the in-use-roles grid (ADMIN is javascript deleted from the available-roles grid and added to the in-use-roles grid), then filter by role-name in the available-roles grid, ADMIN re-appears in the available-roles grid.

Does filtering only work with the ‘initial’ contents a grid? Is there a way to make it filter only the data currently in the grid?

Thank you.

This is known issue. Please find work around here … ering_mode

Is there a similar work around if you are filtering by the header rather than the filterBy() function?


roleGrid.attachHeader(" , ,#text_filter, , , , , ");

Thank you.