Filtering dhtmlxgrid by dhtmlxcalendar object


i would like to filter my dhtmlxgrid with a dhtmlxcalendar object.

I can create a new filtering object, and i can open a dhtmlxcalendar object in popup, but when i select a date nothing seems to change.

I can’t handle the evenement in my filtering function.

Have you some example to do such things ?

Thank you

Have you some example to do such things ?
There is no ready to use sample, you can check attached one, while it not uses calendar, it use custom filtering function to filter dates.

Basically the way to implement calendar as filter in grid
a) put input in grid’s header
b) attach calendar to input
c) attach custom code to onClick event of calendar, which call grid.filterBy with necessary logic

2934729874392.ZIP (88.6 KB)