Filtering doesnt work in IE 11

i am not able to do filtering using #text_filter,#select_filter,#numeric_filter in IE 11. whenever i do i got the error “unable to get property ‘_cellType’ of undefined or null reference” in dhtmlxgrid.js file. what that mean and how to resolve that?


What version of dhtmlx are you using? IE 11 is supporting since dhtmlx 3.6, 131023 build.
Also, please, note, that it is not available to use these client-side filters in case of dynamic loading.

I am using dhtmlx 3.6 and no dynamic loading. It perfectly working fine in chrome and firefox. but not working in IE 11.

Why i am getting this error:“Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined” when i use mygrid.serializeToCSV() for more than 15-20 row. it doesn’t throw any error if row number under 20.


Pleas,e provide with any kind of sample of your code or with a complete demo, where the issue can be reproduced locally.