filtering event

i m able to filter event

reference :

in this, is used to show or hide events

i want to use other column of events table, column name is ‘e_did’ bt when i do event.e_did == condition its not working. what to do

Be sure that “e_did” field was included in the original dataset. if you are using connecto on server side - e_did must be included in the list of fields(third parameter of render command)

there are several things that could have go wrong

  1. make sure you have defined filter function for each view, where it’s needed. e.g.scheduler.filter_day = scheduler.filter_week = scheduler.filter_month = function(id, event){ //some_code }
  2. make sure you load your custom field to the client. Add it to the list of loaded columns:

If none of this helps - you can set a breakpoint inside a filter function and give us more information about the issue