Filtering events as in Units view

Hello, I want to do filtering of events using the ready to use filter - checkbox window to the left.

In your demo it works only for Units view, I want this to work on month view like in: … vents.html

this sample.

I have no idea of javascript, I am beginning Java programmer. Can you give me an easy code fragment to put in so filtering would work in other views? Using that filter checkboxes to the left as in Units view.

you can define a filter functions for each view. Inside a function you can check whether the section of an event is enabled, and return true to show the event and false to skip it

Aleksand I am not happy with your answer, because it requires some Javascript knowledge which I dont have, here is my topic on stackoverflow: … 3_26046822

I need some ready to use solution, not just pointing me which method should I use, I am learning Java atm and my head is going to explode if I have to learn Javascript too.

This is feature which should come with the planner out of the box, why u didnt add methods for filtering like in Units view to other views? I am talking about this:

// create units view DHXUnitsView units = new DHXUnitsView("units", "user", "Jednoski"); units.setServerListLink("users"); units.setSkipIncorrect(true); planner.views.add(units);