Filtering in combo (filtering: true) only filter from left

I have combo(filtering: true) on lightbox bind from handler.

{ name: “Clients”, default_value: “-1”, type: “combo”, map_to: “clientid”, height: 30, image_path: “codebase/dhtmlxCombo/imgs/”, filtering: true, script_path: “ClientSearchHandler.ashx” }

But it filter only from left side for example.
if I want to search for Mr Barry Allen, I need to type Mr B in order to get him rather than typing B.

I need all client name must be listed which have B at any place?.

if you use dhtmlxConnector for .NET, please check this article … electevent

Thanks for reply and after few changes suggested method works for me.
void connector_BeforeSelect(object sender, EventArgs e)
var request = (sender as dhtmlxComboConnector).Request;
var rule = request.Rules.SingleOrDefault(
//seeking for the needed rule by the field name as FieldRule;
r => (r is FieldRule) && ((r as FieldRule).Field == (TableField)“clientName”));

        if (rule != null)
            //sets the '%mask%' pattern instead of 'mask%'   
            ((dhtmlxConnectors.FieldRule)(rule)).Value = "%" + ((dhtmlxConnectors.FieldRule)(rule)).Value;

But i have another problem now:
when try to type word in textbox it automatically replaced by first combo value.
It is very disappointed your scheduler have many bugs i previously asked for few error but till date no solution was provided.Please provide solution to fix this.
Please find attachments: when try to type “joseph” it auto changed to “Moseph”

We are planning to purchase your licensed version but require to fix this issue before using it in live web.
Please provide a solution of this issue so we can use your product.