Filtering in Grid


I initialize a gid in the following way .

mygrid = new D(‘gridbox’);

and load it as


Now I want to perform filtering on it . But its not working .

However I noted that If I create a grid in this way

mygrid=new dhtmlxGridObject(“gridBox”);

and loaded it as mygrid.loadXML(“a.xml”);

then filtering works but in this case grouping not works.

What I should do to perform filtering in grid create by statement as mygrid = new D(‘gridbox’);


It seems that you are using obfuscated version of dhtmlxgrid.js taken from instead of correct file from full package. Obfuscated version can work only with other obfuscated files and can’t be used with not-obfuscated js files.

Grid filtering works well with Standart version of dhtmlxGrid. Standart version you can download here