Filtering in Smart Rendering Mode

I am having a problem using filtering in smart rendering mode. I am currently loading my date from a php file that is formatting my data into xml. I added a #text_filter to every one of my colums on the page. When i try to type text in one of those fields, the page does not filter the information and it give me the error:“row has no properties”. I have been following the examples on the page and went through line by line trying to figure out what i am missing from my code. What is it i need to do in order to have the filter work in smart rendering mode?

There is no any special requiremenets - just be sure that each row has unique ID  ( in case of loading from XML - id attribute of row tag )
Also, the client side filtering works only for static smart rendering, if you are using dynamic smart rendering ( sending data from server on demand ) - filtering will not work.