filtering is not working propely


i m using dhtmlxgrid video samples example ad i m using #connector_select_filter but whne i filter the it will give me result but when i want to show all data then i have click on white space of select box then it will show nothing can u plz tell me wht i do so i will get all data when i click on whte sapce of select box

below is my code

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"

















    $grid = new GridConnector($res);



            $grid->render_sql(“select * from shot,shotTaskArtist where shotTaskArtist.projID=shot.projID and shot.projID=‘om’ and shotTaskArtist.shotID_new=shot.shotID order by shot.shotID asc”,“shot_task_id”,“checkEfficiency,overDue,difficulty,shotID_new,shotStatus,taskID,TaskREF,task_note,manDays,userID,taskStatus,startDate,endDate,task_priority,actualMandays,supervisorName”);


please reply me as soon as possible



the provided code looks correct. Please check the ready samples in the connector package dhtmlxConnector_php/samples/grid/05_select_filter.html and dhtmlxConnector_php/samples/grid/05a_select_filter.html

The grid shows all rows when the empty option is selected.

Try to enable connector log and provide us the details that you’ll get