Filtering is not working well

If you have a dhtmlx grid and you want to filter with a combo box (#combo_filter) values that are selected from a combo box you method _filterA does not consider that the values are the “ids of the text values”. So in my case numbers (my ids) are compared to the text values.
That is why all rows are filtered out and no row is shown anymore,
if you select a value from the filter combo box.

Here is a bugfix. It would be great, if you could revise and publish the code with your next release.

if (value=="") return;
var d=true;
if (typeof(value)==“function”) d=false;
else value=(value||"").toString().toLowerCase();
if (!this.rowsBuffer.length) return;

  		for (var i=this.rowsBuffer.length-1; i>=0; i--){
  			var cellValue = this._get_cell_value(this.rowsBuffer[i],column).toString();
  		  var comboValue = "";
  			if(this._col_combos && this._col_combos[column] && this._col_combos[column].getOptionByLabel(cellValue)) {
  				comboValue = this._col_combos[column].getOptionByLabel(cellValue).value;
  			if (d?(cellValue.toLowerCase().indexOf(value)==-1 && comboValue.indexOf(value)==-1):(!, this._get_cell_value(this.rowsBuffer[i],column),this.rowsBuffer[i].idd)))
  				this.rowsBuffer.splice(i,1);//filter row


Thanks for the patch, we will review it and will include in the next update