Filtering marked timespans

I would like to know how to filter marked timespans as we would like to display individual availability on the scheduler.

scheduler.addMarkedTimespan({start_date : new Date(“05/27/2013 08:00”), end_date : new Date(“05/27/2013 16:00”), assignedto : “peteri”, html : “Holiday”, css : “availabilityTypeHoliday”});

I currently run this on the client side with an assignedto attribute (this currently works with jobs as I run scheduler.Views[0].Filter.Rules.Add(new Rule(“assignedto”, Operator.Equals, selecteduser)); on the server side when setting up the scheduler).

How do i do the same with marked timespans?


I am also unable to filter the map view. When applying the line

scheduler.Views[3].Filter.Rules.Add(new Rule(“assignedto”, Operator.Equals, selecteduser));

to the server initialisation of the scheduler it only displays the first event on the map screen and nothing else. It is always the same event, no matter which user has been selected.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

if you need to have different set of marked timespans for each user, you need to add database table for timespans configurations, like
| user_id | start_date | end_date |…|
then you could load appropriate configurations and add them to the page when the user signs in.

As for the map view, can you provide a complete demo which demonstrates incorrect work of the filter in map view?