Filtering on an numeric_filter with comma and dot



I have a dhtmlxgrid with a numeric_filter on one column.
That column contains numeric values like “3.4”, “37.8”.
When I put a filter like “>3.3” it works.
I would like to know if it’s possible that the filter still works when i replace the dot with a comma, like “>3,3” (only in the filter, tha data still has values with dot).

Thanks in advance.


Please, open dhtmlxgrid_filter.js
Find the function:

and replace:
var v=this.value;
var v=this.value.replace(",",".");


Thanks for your solution.
Il will try it soon.


I confirm…it worked!


Can I make the numerical filter with several parameters?. por example <>100 & <>300 ??


it can only be achieved creating your own custom filter: