filtering problem


I have a following problem:

In my grid I have number values formatted like this:

setNumberFormat(“0,000.00”,6,","," ");

so for 54321.23 i get 54 321,23 and i cant user filtering like this:

=54 321,23


54 321.23

it works only when I remove space: 54321,23

Same thing for searching >,< and …

setNumberFormat() method affects only in numbers rendering. It doesn’t change delimiters while filtering. While filtering grid takes value of the cell with getValue() method. This method return values which comes with xml.
To change filtering in formatted column you should write custom filtering function or create custom eXcell type, which will return necessary value while filtering.
Please find tutorials here … l_creation

In my opinion changing rendering without changing filtering rules make no sense.
setNumberFormat should also change filtering, without this setNumberFormat is not compatible with filtering.

Programmically thinking, its no big deal to implement filtering rules integrated with number format.