Filtering problem

hi, i had seen your example 09_filtering_events but i cant understand why my code doesn’t work:
i have a form used like a filter and e scheduler; when i press find button on my form i call scheduler.updateView(); but this code is not reached scheduler.filter_day = scheduler.filter_week = scheduler.filter_month = scheduler.filter_timeline = function(id, event) { alert('dentro il filtro'); var combo_utenti = dhxFormFiltroScheduler.getCombo("operator_id"); var combo_tipi_intervento = dhxFormFiltroScheduler.getCombo("tipo_int"); var combo_aree = dhxFormFiltroScheduler.getCombo("id_vettore"); var codice_intervento = dhxFormFiltroScheduler.getItemValue("ext_cod"); var combo_destinatario = dhxFormFiltroScheduler.getCombo("id_destinatario"); if(combo_utenti.getSelectedValue() != 0 && event.section_id != combo_utenti.getSelectedValue()) return false; else if (combo_tipi_intervento.getSelectedValue() != 0 && combo_tipi_intervento.getSelectedValue() != event.idTipInt) return false; else if (combo_aree.getSelectedValue()!=0 && combo_aree.getSelectedValue()!= event.idArea) return false; else if (combo_destinatario.getSelectedValue()!=0 && combo_destinatario.getSelectedValue()!= event.idDestinatario) return false; else if (codice_intervento !=null && codice_intervento != 'undefined' && codice_intervento != event.ExtCod) return false; return true; };

debugging the page i had seen that scheduler is refreshed but it didn’t filter any events.

Here is my entire page:

[code]<%@page import=“it.softecspa.portal.db.Dominio”%>
<%@page import=“it.softecspa.jwebber.CMSConstants”%>
<%@page import=“it.softecspa.portal.db.Configuratore”%>
<%@page import=“it.softecspa.portal.db.UtentePortale”%>
<%@page import=“it.softecspa.portal.Parameters”%>
<%@page import=“java.util.ResourceBundle”%>
<%@page import=“java.util.Locale”%>
<%@page import=“”%>
<%@page import=“java.util.Hashtable”%>
<%@page import=“it.softecspa.mvc.MVCGenericServlet”%>
<%@page import=“it.softecspa.mvc.session.Session”%>
Session webApplSession = (Session) session
Hashtable fod = (Hashtable) request
Utente utente = (Utente) webApplSession.getUser();
Locale currentLocale = null;
ResourceBundle bundle = null;
if (utente.getLanguage() != null) {
currentLocale = new Locale(utente.getLanguage(), utente
bundle = ResourceBundle.getBundle(
Parameters.getInstance().APPLICAZIONE, currentLocale,
UtentePortale ut_portale = UtentePortale.getActiveInstance(
webApplSession, utente.getIdUtente());
String CMSAdminRoot = (String) fod.get(CMSConstants.CMS_ADMIN_ROOT);
String channel_id = (String) fod.get(“channel_id”);
Configuratore configuratore = Configuratore.getInstance();
Parameters param = Parameters.getInstance();
Dominio dominio = null;
if (ut_portale.getIdDominio() != 0) {
dominio = new Dominio(ut_portale.getIdDominio());
String strWarning = fod.get(CMSConstants.WARNING_MESSAGE) != null ? (String) fod
.get(CMSConstants.WARNING_MESSAGE) : “”;
if (“ok”.equals((String) fod.get(CMSConstants.USER_CAN_PROCEDE))) {

} // non è andato a buon fine qualcosa quindi carico la pagina di errore
else {



Is there a link to check that issue?
Set up breakpoint in filtering function and simply call “scheduler.updateView()” in browser’s console - does it stop there?
Are you certain that your updateView function is called?

Best regards,

Hi :slight_smile:
issue solved…firefox cache :frowning: Sorry :slight_smile:

I have another problem: i am using scheduler 3.5 and i got this error
TypeError: dhtmlx.confirm is not a function
localhost:8080/checking/js/dhtml … heduler.js
Line 2122
dhtmlxscheduler.js is the one from sources dir.
i double checked and dhtmlx.confirm exists inside dhtmlxscheduler.js.

Any help?

i changed my js input order and now it’s works