Filtering the grid for exact match


I’m using filterBy() method to filter out records in my grid.

Here is the scenario:

I have three links {All, Active, Inactive} outside the grid.

In the grid I have column containing value {Active, Inactive}

Now when I click the {Inactive} link all the rows for the column {Inactive} are displayed, but when I clicked {Active} link, the grid should display me only row for which the column has value as {Active}, instead it shows me all the rows with {Active, Inactive} values.

I found out that the filterBy() method does not make an exact search of the column value.

So how can I filter the grid for exact matches only.

Also I would like to know, once I have filtered a {Active/Inactive} records in grid, how can I remove the filter, which would be required when I’ll click the {All} link, it should display me all the records.

Any help would be appreciated.


Instead of providing fixed value, for filtering, you can provide filtering method, which can define exact rules of filtering

Instead of

you can use
if (value=="") return true;
return v == value; //exact match

>> how can I remove the filter
Just filter by empty value