Filtering using hyperlink

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I am populating grid with 2 values(name,id) on the same coulmnl .I need both the values.But while filtering using text filter on that column i need ,that filtering should be based on name only and id should not be involved at all.The id contain alpha numeric values.So when i filter with " x" ,then although there is no name with “x” ,but there is Id with “x” .So one values is filtered based on id which i dont want. Please help ASAP.Thanks in advance

Please check this article … ter%20link
If you use “link” eXcell type try to use attached file.

i tried the mentioned solution.but its not working.The data format is like : name+hyperlink+id.Its passed to the grid .I need to filter using text filter based on the name only .I just need to truncate the hyperlink+id

from the data while filtering.

The filtering uses getValue method of cell object to fetch cell data, so the problem can be resolved only by modification of getValue method of excell type which you are using, or by creating custom excell for similar purpose.
Please find more information here … l_creation