filtering with simple html table


I was looking at many examples to find how filtering works. All the time I see creating a grid dynamically and attaching the header to it, and reading the data from xml file and displaying it.

In my case I don’t get data from an xml file. In this case how can I achieve filtering based on a column.

here is my table.

<table gridWidth=“auto”

class=“dhtmlxGrid” imgpath="…/codebase/imgs/" gridHeight=“auto”

    lightnavigation=“true” forceCellTypes=“true”>



You can fully replace one of headers cell with filter


Or use beforeinit attribute to define more complex logi

<table gridWidth=“auto” class=“dhtmlxGrid” name=“mygrid” onbeforeinit=“attach_h()” …

In both cases you need to include dhtmlxgrid_filter.js