Filtering with

I have a datagrid that as a column that’s a treegrid. I want to implement header filtering but the problem is the text value is being displayed but the filtering is reading the id value. ie (value=Apple id=68). Is there a way to have the grid filter on the text value versus the id?

It can be done with custom filter. Please find example here … ilter.html

Thanks for the example, but this isn’t what I’m looking for.  I already have header filters, so I just want to be able to filter from the text displayed on the grid.

So I have a column that type stree.  The user can click on the item they want from the tree and the display text is shown to the user (ie: Apple is displayed but the underline value is 68).  When I put text_filter or select_filter it does not filter if the user types ‘Apple’.  It does filter when they put in 68.  If I have select_filter, it shows me the value (68) in the dropdown box.

The user will not know that the value is 68, what they see is Apple and would want to filter by Apple.