Filters are not working with wildchars like *


I have a specific scenario, in which user wants to filter data based on the first word and last word of column data.In this case, user will enter firstword*lastword as filter criteria.
But if we use wild characters in the filter criteria,result list will be empty.

Could you please provide us solution to handle such scenaios?
We are using DHTMLX version 2.5.


You can create any custom filter in header using filterBy() method. Please find more information here … iltering&s[]=filterby


Is there any way by which we can define a custom filter type, which can be used in all the pages, without having repeat the same code in all the files (The way we can define a custom column type in the grid)?

I want to make all my ‘text’ filters work with the wild characters (* and ?). So, is there any quick fix to resolve this? While investigating the file dhtmlxgrid_filter.js, i found that in method ‘_filterA’, the values are being compared with ‘indexOf()’, so instead of that, if we can have a quick fix by adding a regular expression clause, which honors and filters the data by wild characters.

Please let me know if my investigation is correct (and is there any other place as well where i will have to modify the similar code).
Also, will it be possible for dhtmlx to provide a local patch for this issue?


Please check following tutorial … s_creation