filters in grid

Hello ,

I am initializing dhtmlx grid object from html table in my code

using api…

mygrid=new dhtmlXGridFromTable(‘tblToGrid’);

In addition to its feature like sorting, I also apply paging in my grid.



In addition to this feature ,Now I want to add filtering in such grid…

So I used myGrid.attachHeader("#text_search");


but it’s giving me javascript error as this._filter.length is null or not an object

So Please tell me how do I apply filter in such grid (grid loaded from html)?..

Technically, the code which you are using is correct and must not cause such problem.
Please try to update dhtmlxgrid_filter.js with attached one ( latest version with all fixes up to date )

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed. ( you can send such sample of demo link directly to ) (4.21 KB)