# filters style

how can i change the style of INPUT and SELECT agents when i use #text_filter and #numeric_filter

i used something like this:

grid.hdr.rows[2].className+=" secondRow";

tr.secondRow td
padding: 0px !important;

but it only affects the style of the header cell ( and by the way the right padding when set to 0px still exists some space. i mean the input field does not resize itself to fill the whole header cell.)

But the real problem is how can i affect the style of the input and select agents.

Try to use following styles:

div.gridbox_dhx_skyblue table.hdr td div.hdrcell input{
div.gridbox_dhx_skyblue table.hdr td div.hdrcell select{
Note, header filters has inline styles which can be re-defined only with code customization.