find button which shows data present in dhtmlxgrid

i want to add functionality given in this link on my jsp page link is … dhtmlxgrid

i do not want to attach header for each column.i just want a single textbox in which i write search criteria which displays results find in that dhtmlxgrid.

Please suggest me!!!it’s urgent

You can use filterBy API instead of in-header filters

which js is to be included for that?i got error object expected


Please response

the code you have given is working on specific column…but i dont need to pass column.the search criteria can be in any column or row…
Please suggest me appropriate solution for that.

The filterBy can be used for multiple columns, but this command will use AND logic for search queries, not OR. So it not possible to filter rows where searched value exists at least in one of columns
Technically complex workaround can be used, by findRows methods, which not filter grid, but returns an array of cells which match search criteria, which can be used with custom filtering function - it pretty complicated approach.

how can be filter use for multiple column.Please let me know…


You can use
First parameter an array of column indexes, the second is an array of filtering criteria

hi i’m using

but it gives error!!!
Please suggest solution for that

The count of values in first and second array must be equal
var val = document.getElementById(‘filter’).value;

i used

var a=document.getElementById(‘filter’).value;



but it’s not working…it doesn’t show search result


Please help me!!

As it was mentioned earlier
>>The filterBy can be used for multiple columns, but this command will use AND logic for search queries


where column0 LIKE "%a%"AND column1 LIKE "%a%"AND column2 LIKE "%a%"AND column3 LIKE "%a%"AND column4 LIKE "%a%"AND column5 LIKE “%a%”