Find functionality in the tree which is built using smartXml

The tree is in a div -

<div id=“treebox_tree”  style=“width: 400; height: 280; background-color: #FFFFFF; border :1px solid Silver; overflow: auto;”>

I have tree with huge number of records. Hence iam uisng smartXmlParsing event to build the tree quickly.


For the first time , when i do search on load of the page, using findItem() method. The particular node is selected but the node is NOT scrolled to display on the screen.

But when i do the search later, that is after i  expand all the nodes and collapse i.e. data is completely loaded , the searched node is selected and scrolled and is shown on the

screen. Please give me the solution to scroll the searched node at first time I Search. And let me know is this possible?

Thanks in Advance



You need to remove overflow:auto from tree’s container, because it produce external scrolls

<div id=“treebox_tree”  style="width: 400; height: 280;
background-color: #FFFFFF; border :1px solid Silver; overflow:hidden; ">

The both command selection and focusing executed against already parsed, so the functionality can’t work only partially.