Find is not working in Tree with JSON data

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I have to show large amount of data in tree with JSON so, I am using �enableSmartXMLParsing� for performance. I have enabled find with �findItem� but find is not working on leaf levels. There seems to be an issue with �findItem� function when we use �enableSmartXMLParsing�. As we know that in this case only the first level tree is rendered and children are loaded when a particular node is expanded. In this case when the findItem function is used and the search result points to a treeNode which has not yet rendered, we get Javascript error(Message: ‘this.item’ is null or not an object - Line: 201 -Char: 14 - Code: 0). The correct implementation of this should be as, when �enableSmartXMLParsing� is enabled and findItem function is used, is the search result returns treenode which is not yet rendered, then the tree should first find the path from root node to the treenode which needs to be selected and expand all the nodes in that path before selecting the treenode.<o:p></o:p>

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I want to change all leaf level text color when the tree is loading. <o:p></o:p>

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Please let me know your thoughts and questions.

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RamaRao R.<o:p></o:p>


the fix was sent by email.

I also have this issue… along with is not scrolling to the proper location on first search, will scroll properly on second search. Can you email me the fix as well?

if you’re a licensed customer, please create a ticket on and we’ll send the fix.