Find nodes of tree by text not display and bring it to view


I have a tree of names

the name only display the first name as nodes. I have implemented
finditem, findlabel which will only search the text displayed as nodes “ie first name”

What I need is I want to store last name, aliases, family name and other information with the first name, but not displayed. These additional information should be stored some way in the xml.

The find on the tree should search the displayed text and also the text stored with it and bring the node to focus if it gets a hit.

How can I achieve this? Your guidance will be appreciated.

Thank you,

You can store additional data in userdata … emplates&s[]=userdata

To get/set userdata to node you can use getUserData(itemId,name)\setUserData(itemId,name,value) methods … etuserdata … etuserdata