findCell and displayed values

findcell searches through cell values and not through the displayed value. This can be confusing for columns where the value and the display are different - such as coro or price column types.

In general, a user will wish to search for something that is displayed, not the underlying value (which the user might not even be aware of). This would be especially true for combo selection columns where the displayed value (red, blue, green, …) could be very different than the internal value (0, 1, 2, …).

How do I get findCell to use displayed values instead of internal values?

Unfortunately such feature is not supported.
all searching/filtering functions operate with the value of a cell.

It appears that I need to rethink How I should use this feature. Narrow it down from a table search to a column search. That is probably closer to the original intention of the developers anyway. As a column search, I can handle the coro columns by providing the same dropdown list in my search UI and using the underlying value for the search.

Thank you for your quick reply.