findItem any word in the text

I show a tree with certain titles, example:

item0-> “my first element”.
item1-> “the first folder”
item2-> “3 element

If i want to look for “my” or “the”, the tree.findItem() method works perfectly.

However, If I want to find the items that cointains “element”, it should focus “item0” and “item2”. Thing that doesn’t happen.

Also, if i try to find the item that start with numbers, it won’t work as well. Example:
tree.findItem(“3”, 0,1). Doesn’t move to the item2.

So, my problems are:
Find a word in the middle of the text.
Find a number in the text.

Do you have any recommendation for me? I am using the proffesional version.

Regards and thanks in advance.

Update your tree to thee 3.5 version. In this version the issue does not arise.