FireFox alert XML

Hello my problem is XML load with Firefox.

We send out an xml file from the server,
IE9 with explorer it works with FF but it sends an alert with xml content please see screenshot.
Please Help


Please attach whole xml file.
Also please note that it’s not correct either way - event is missing dates.

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and load event looks like

scheduler.load(“http://localhost:8080/essence/NA?OID=DIRECT_ICRS.module.calendar.taskcalendarxml&VIEW=BUILD&uid=” +scheduler.uid());

these events can also not be loaded with start_date and end_date please see below

Your last XML works nice locally in all browsers (haven’t tried one before that). Make sure XML is sent as “application/xml” mime type.

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We have the mime type changed as “application/xml” and it works! Thank you!

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