Firefox/Chrome doesn't support clipboard operations

Issue: Firefox/Chrome doesn’t support clipboard operations (copy/paste, to/from) using Block selection

After debugging/researching on the clipboard copy/paste issue in the Firefox and Chrome, I came to know that for security reasons, Firefox and Chrome doesn’t allow copy/paste text from/to clipboard.
IE supports this out of the box.

DHTMLX 3.6 version which we are using has handled this issue in a good way and display the appropriate pop-up of ‘Access to clipboard denied’ in FF/Chrome.

Can we please have the solution to this issue?

Thanks & Regards,
Dinesh Gawas

dhtmlx 4.2 allows to use ctl-c and ctrl-v hotkeys to copy from clipboard and paste from clipboard while working with grid component. While direct access to clipboard is not allowed, default clipboard hotkeys still can be used in all browsers.

As we are using DHTMLX 3.6 version can you please provide us the ctrl-c and ctrl-v solution to the clipboard issue of the DHTMLXGrid component.

Please open a ticket in the support system ( )

Was the problem solved?

Actually I’m using the 4.1.2 version, but I don’t know if the problem was solved.

In IE the rowToClipBoard function works very well, but in Chrome it’s not working

You may try to use the clipboard operations using the block selection extension. In this case it will correctly for all the browsers.

When The grid has lot of columns, It gets hard to selection the entire row, but for a while it attends partially.

Thank you!.