FireFox destroys Layout and all other containing components

Hello everyone,

the application I wrote is working fine for ALL browsers from IE9 - IE 11, Safari, Yandex and Chrome, but not on FireFox and it doesn’t matter in which version.

FireFox builds the window and crushes all containing components (In this case: Toolbar, Grid and Statusbar) to the top and just the statusbar stays visible because all other components are ‘underneath’ the bar. This looks like this:


In other browser, just to give you an impression of what it should look like, it gets renderes as follows:


Sorry, I forgot the question and i can’t edit the post above:

How and why does this happen? Is there any fix or workaround/known issue with this? I tried several ways, lika attaching the viewport of the window to different

-tags which are filling the whole site, no chance - I don’t know why firefox does this here.

Could you provide us a direct link to your project to inspect the issue?
Or may be demo? … pport.html


thanks for the quick response. While preparing the demo project for you I noticed that I was missing the 100% height tag on my . I don’t know how I could oversee such a simple mistake…

Thanks for helping me!

If you use container components, we recommend always apply 100% height to the body style

Yes, thanks for the advice. Since this gave me a lot of headache I will always make sure to set the parameter in future developments.

However, it’s strange that all other browsers rendered the application still on 100% of the window height, even without the tag…