Firefox issue with object attached to cell

I have a layout cell which I am attaching an HTML textarea object. This seems to work fine, but if I later change the contents of the text area via the innerText attribute it does not update in Firefox. All other browsers seem to work fine, but Firefox maintains the original content.

Anyone tried this?

It doesn’t depend on our component dhtmlxLayout.
You can try to use a shtmlxForm in it: … ayout.html
And use type textarea in form: … t_pwd.html
Locally it works fne.

I do not see a textarea type in the links you provided. Are you referencing the input type with multiple rows? If so…While that works you’ve now given me an appearance problem. The point of attaching the text area object to the layout cell is to completely fill the cell with the text area which will be expandable as the cells dimensions are dynamically changed. I’m not quite sure what can be done to make the input on the form dynamically expandable.

Any thoughts?

Did a little more research and trial/error, and found that the issue seems to be with the innerText attribute. I switched my code to the value attribute and it seems to be working for me now.

If it doesn’t suit you, I have a question: how do you attach textarea to a layout cell? Cell/div/texarea? Could you provide code snippets?

I just followed the documentation:



Locally evetything is fine.
May be you can provide us completed demo (it can be some specific things in your code)… … leted_demo