FireFox not processing Dataview template common method

I have the following template for displaying an image an caption:

<div id="photo_template" style="display: none;">
    	<p>debug: {common.getUrl()}</p>
    	<img src="{common.getUrl()}"/><br/>
    	<p>{common.getUrl()} #caption#</p>

… this works as expected in Chrome, Safari and even IE - but not in FireFox.

Firefox does not replace the second occurance of {common.getUrl()} in the img tag but it does replace the other two correctly. Originally I just had the first occurrence and put the others in there for debugging.

Is there something special about the img tag or src attribute that is causing this? I tried replacing the double quotes with single quotes and then no quotes but it all ended up the same - displayed as follows when looking at the generated code in FireBug:

<img src="%7Bcommon.getUrl%28%29%7D">


Forgot to say, it’s FF version 8.0.

Can you attach the html|js file with the snippet where issue occurs ( we need not full example, just the init code ) - the output of firebug looks very strange, it contains escaped characters while must contain the original, not-escaped code.

Do you mean this:

	var photosManage_layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(photosManage_cells, '2E');
	var photosManageUpload_cells = photosManage_layout.cells('a');
	var photosManageEdit_cells = photosManage_layout.cells('b');
	photosManageEdit_cells.setText('Edit and order');
	photosManageUpload_cells.fixSize(true, true);

	var cfg = {
		drag: true,
		type: {
			template: 'html->photo_template',
			edit: true,
			template_edit: 'html->photo_template_edit',
			height:200, width:200,
			css: "photo",
			getUrl: function(obj) {
				var fileParts = obj.localFile.split("/");
				var last = fileParts.length - 1;
				var filePart = fileParts[fileParts.length - 1];
				return "/images/users/" + fileParts[last-2] + "/" + fileParts[last-1] + "/" + fileParts[last];
	var photos_dataview = photosManageEdit_cells.attachDataView(cfg);

Problem confirmed, as temporary solution just use inline templates as

template_edit: '<p>debug: {common.getUrl()}</p><img src="{common.getUrl()}"/><br/><p>{common.getUrl()} #caption#</p>',