Firefox under Mac OS X

I have Firefox under Mac OS X and a strange behaviour for Multiselect in Folders (in grids it works)

Under Windows multi select in dhtmlxFolders works like that

- Shift-click => a range of icons is selected

- Ctrl-Click => single icons can be selected to a multiselect set.

Under Safari 4 and Firefox 3 on Mac it doesn’t works:

- Shift-click => a range of icons is selected ==> OK

- Ctrl-Click => Context menu ==> would be OK if the next one would work

- Cmd-Click => (this is the usual Mac replacement for ctrl combinations on PC and works perfectly in dhtmlxGrid): acts like a single left click

As I said in dhtmlxGrid both Safari and Firefox can multi select single files with the cmd key. That’s the expected way.

Do I need to set some settings in order to get dhtmlxFolders

Thanks and Regards,



please, try to use the attached version of dhtmlxfolders.js. Probably it’ll solve the issue (11 KB)