First and Second Scale in scheduler


Is there a way for an individual customization of those two scales ?

I tried configuring through these parameters:

timeline.X_Unit = TimelineView.XScaleUnits.Hour;

            timeline.X_Step = 7;

            timeline.X_Size = 24;

            timeline.X_Start = 0; 
            timeline.X_Length = 24; 

            timeline.AddSecondScale(TimelineView.XScaleUnits.Day, "%D")

to get on Days axis Monday-Sunday

but then I need to have hours on the lower axis like this:


and so on for the rest of the days. Is this possible to do ? I’ve spent quite some time on this one but with no success .


Do you mean that day-columns should have different duration? i.e. 6,8,8,2 hours respectively.
If so - this is not possible, timeline scale can have a fixed timestep only. However, probably you could manage a workaround.
If you set X_Step = 2, the scale will be displayed in two hours step - 0:00, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00
Then you can define a template function for a css class of cells in a timeline scale and in the data area (i.e. that goes between 0:00 and 6:00, so it will look like a single wide cell). in this case it should be done on the client-side. And hide unneaded cells of the scale - display:none should work.
For cells in the data area, you could simply make borders transparent, so it will look like a single cell … plate.html … plate.html
However, I can’t guarantee that such workaround will work as expected without more adjusting, I haven’t tried to make such customization