First click it's Ok, but next tno


on the first click on my combo, the combo opens, but next clicks the does nothing.
Have-you an idea about what I make wrong ?


Could you please provide us complete demo including all correspondnig js/css files?
Please also add information regarding current and expected behaviour.

Here is a small guide how to make a complete demo: … pport.html

If you don’t want to share your demo here for any reasons - you can send it to, if so - please include link to this forum topic.

If you’re using PRO Edition please send your demo to

The demo doesn’t work in IE11, but it’s OK in FF. (54.5 KB)

combo_init.enableFilteringMode(true, ‘data.xml’, true, true);
combo_init.enableFilteringMode(true, ‘data_lib.xml’, true, true);

force combo to load xml from server for each filer. try to replace with combo_init.enableFilteringMode(true);

When I do this, the other clicks are OK but completion is KO.

I precise that the version 3.0 works fine, the problem is in DHTMLX 4.6.1.


Could you please specidfy existing and awaited behaviour in details? I need to exactly understand what are you trying to achieve to help you.

The data returned by load is like “code|text” for the first combo and like “text|code” for the second combo.
In 3.0, the combo has a normal working (list and completion) with, in extra :

  • display only one info (“code” for first combo, “text” for second combo)
  • the update of the other combo with the value corresponding

I would the same in 4.6.

Well, I not sure combo 4.x will works correctly with your code cause you used bugs in combo 3.x. You can still use combo 3.x or update you xml and use same value for for xml files, in this case your two combos will syncronized by value but will show different text. I can help you with demo for this approach if any.

I need your help for the second approach.


finally I figured it out. there was a small issue in a combo with “|” symbol. I fixed dhtmlxcombo.js a bit and updated your demo. please check? (54.6 KB)

I solve the problem with adding onFocus event to force load and display :
combo_init.attachEvent( ‘onFocus’, function(){
} );