first_hour and last_hour from database

I use dhtmlx scheduler with mvc razor. I want to get the inputs for setting start time and endtime with the values from database instead of manually entering 8 and 20 inside the controller,

scheduler.Config.first_hour = 8; scheduler.Config.last_hour = 20;

Please guide me. I use entity framework(dbfirst)

Do you store these settings(start and end time) in the database table? If so, you can retreive them and assign values to start_hour/end_hour configs.
Note, if you want time selectors in the details form to be limited by this values, you should also add following config: scheduler.Config.limit_time_select = true;

var unit = new UnitsView("units", "resource_id"); scheduler.Views.Add(unit); var rooms = new List<object>(){ new { key = "1", label = "resource a"}, new { key = "2", label = "resource b"}, new { key = "3", label = "resource c"}, new { key = "4", label = "resourceS d"}, new { key = "5", label = "resourceS e"} }; unit.AddOptions(rooms); scheduler.InitialView = "units";

this was the code initially.

I tried to retrieve the values from sp like this

List<ResourceModel> oresourcemodel = new List<ResourceModel>(); oresourcemodel= _settings.GetResourceOrderdisplay(); //i have no idea what parameters should be passed to unitsview???? var unit = new UnitsView("units", "room_id"); unit.AddOptions(resourcelist); scheduler.Views.Add(unit);

//i have no idea what parameters should be passed to unitsview???Please guide me.

unitsview(string name, string property)
What is the string name and property here?