First_hour and time in the event header

I have a problem with the display of times in the event header when using scheduler.config.first_hour. I have an event that starts before first_hour but ends after it.

The json for the event looks like this:

  [{ "start_date": "2011-06-15 00:00", "end_date": "2011-06-15 09:00",  "text": "Not Open"}]

and I initialize the scheduler with


The event header displays ‘08:00 - 09:00’ for this event instead of ‘00:00 - 09:00’.

If I don’t set scheduler.config.first_hour then the event header correctly shows ‘00:00 - 09:00’. I’ve tried using scheduler.templates.event_header to overcome this but it seems that the event.start_date has been changed to ‘2011-06-15 08:00’.

Is there any way to change this behaviour of scheduler.config.first_hour?

PS. The symmetrical case with last_hour behaves as I expected. An event from June 15, 17:00 to June 16, 00:00 with last_hour set to 18 displays ‘17:00 - 00:00’ in the event header.

We will investigate how it can be improved in next version, but for now - there is no easy way to change the described behavior. It is expected that rendered start time can’t be earlier than first_hour value.