Fiscal Month - Custom Start and End Days By Month


I’m considering purchasing a site license as your scheduler script has a lot of what I’m looking for. The project I’m considering this for requires that scheduling be done on a fiscal month as opposed to a calendar month.

Is it possible to set custom start / end dates for each month? For instance in 2013 May calendar started on April 28 - May 25, June calendar was May 26 - June 29, etc…

Thanks for any assistance.

i think there are two possible approaches.
Firstly, each view of the scheduler defines at least two functions that calculate the dates it displays{view name}_start - calculates the first displayed date of the view{view name} - defines a date range shown in the view

e.g. if you activate a Week view using scheduler.setCurrentView(new Date(2014, 8, 26), “week”);
it will call to get the first displayed date (monday), and add_week for the date range:var from =; var to =, 1, 'week');from and to will be 00:00 22th September, Monday - 00:00 29th September, Monday. which will be displayed


  1. you can either try overwriting the month_start and add month functions in order to make your calendar will work with fiscal months (do not modify dhtmlxscheduler.js, just add a declaration in your code). However, it may create conflicts with an other parts of the scheduler … r.js#L3325 … r.js#L3344

  1. or you can implement a custom view wich will display data as you need
in order to define a custom display, you need to declare a functionscheduler.{viewName}_view = function(active){ ... };
If it’s defined, scheduler will draw week layout instead. ‘active’ argument is true when the view is being activated, and false when it’s switched off