fix one thing break 2...


had my module working great then…
i needed to add combo select boxes from the DB, all the code was working prior to change.

now I can’t insert a record. Edit/Delete/DragNDrop works, only inserting of a record returns the text again in “red” and doesnt insert the record.
(i’ve removed all RI,UK from the table, so even a blank record should save…)

  • the combo boxes seem to be working, they return the records correctly, when you change the list item, the data does get updated into the DB with the selected record. – The issue here that I noticed is that if you go out and back into the calendar the data from the combo box is not updated with the true DB value, the combobox list does not goto the db value record, it displays the first record in the list.

  • i debugged thru the JS… all fields seem to be set with values

  • unfortunately, no errors thrown in the web server, seems all code is working correctly.

  • not sure what i’m doing wrong or what I missed of if this code has to be set up similar to events.php

i’m suspecting i changed something or inadvertently deleted code, but I can’t seem to see where.

any insight appreciated… again;

Calendar.php: First 3 objects are the individual combo-boxes

            {name:"client", map_to: "client_id", type: "combo", image_path: "common/dhtmlxCombo/imgs/", filtering: true, script_path: "client_select.php?user=<?php echo CurrentUserID(); ?>", cache: false , focus:true},
            {name:"property", map_to: "property_id", type: "combo", image_path: "common/dhtmlxCombo/imgs/", filtering: true, script_path: "property_select.php?user=<?php echo CurrentUserID(); ?>", cache: false },
            {name:"inspector", map_to: "inspector_id", type: "combo", image_path: "common/dhtmlxCombo/imgs/", filtering: true, script_path: "inspector_select.php", cache: false },
			{name:"Subject", height:21, map_to:"text", type:"textarea"},
			{name:"Details", height:45, type:"textarea", map_to:"details" },
            {name:"recurring",height:125, type:"recurring", map_to:"rec_type", button:"recurring"},
			{name:"time", height:72, type:"time", map_to:"auto"}
	$combo = new ComboConnector($res, $dbtype);

    $user_id = intval($_GET['user']);    

	$combo->event->attach("beforeFilter", "by_id");
	function by_id($filter) {
        if (isset($_GET['user']))
            $filter->add("UserId", $_GET['user'], '=');

	$combo->render_table("clients", "Num", "LastName");
events.php - core data retrieve for calendar display
    $scheduler->render_sql("select * from events where UserId = ".$user_id, "event_id","start_date, end_date, event_title, details, client_id, property_id, inspector_id, rec_type, DateCreated, CreatedBy, LastModified, ModifiedBy, UserId");