Fixed column with names on timeline view

I am trying to fix the left column with names on the timeline view of the scheduler, so when I scroll the x-scroll, the column remains on the same place. Any tips on how this is possible?

Thanks in advance!


Horizontal scroll bar in Timeline view isn’t built-in functionality.
By default you need to use next and prev buttons to switch between time ranges. The width of each column is calculated automatically according to their numbers and width of container with Scheduler.

To add a horizontal scroll try the next way.
A possible approach would be to give scheduler container a large width/height and initialize it inside a smaller element with overflow:auto, which will serve as a viewport for scheduler,

As you can see, there are two obvious issues with this approach:

  1. header area (where buttons are located) mustn’t scroll with the rest of scheduler
  2. lefthand timeline column should remain visible when timeline is scrolled right as you need

(1) can be solved relatively easily, you can hide a native header and display a custom header on top of scrollable element:

as for (2) - one known solution is to create clone/fake timeline column and keed it at correct place using absolute positioning. Unfortunately I don’t have ready example.