fixed column

Hello support

I am using splitAt functionality in my grid. I have two columns in the left part which are fixed and act as a row headers.

I have thumbnail in the cells in the right part of grid. The problem is onloading Right part of grid rows having thumbnail set to the correct height(100px) as set in the image tag.

But the left part of grid rows initialises with deafault size(20px).

The problem occurs after the addition of splitAt functionality.

Plz help me out.


You can change default height of row to 100px

In dhtmlxgrid.css
div.gridbox table.row20px tr  td{
    height:100px;  // this line need to be updated

Basically, grid in autoheight mode must sync row height automatically, but it will not work for dynamic content, such as images

Left part grid having two column one contain only checkbox and second one is cntr type.

Thumbnails are always in right part of grid.
Actually the right part of grid may contain thumbnail  or may not.
So the default height 20px is OK for me. If I set default as 100px it will set for all data whether it is thumbnail or normal data.
     “grid in autoheight mode must sync row height automatically” => this is working perfectly. But for right part of grid only.
I have problem on the grid loading
The grid row which  have thumbnail gets autoheight as 100px (right part) but at the same time left part of grid row gets 20px height. This looks wrong sized grid row on left and right part of grid.

I have written this code on cell edit
On editing cell, the left part of grid also takes height as 100px.
Onloading ,Why I am not getting correct row height on left and right part of grid ?

The rows in left and right part of grid are different rows ( in othe case they will not be able to have independent scrolls )
When grid renders initial data, it checks the height of row in right part and set the same height in left part, the problem is , that when you using image as cell content, final cell size will be known only after image fully loaded, so grid can’t detect final height of row after row adding, which cause mentioned problem.